22 Bath & Body Works Hacks That’ll Blow Your Mind

I keep my bath and body works coupons close and those mail-ins

even closer! I do not know  anyone who is not on a bath and body works list. The whole pamper yourself (frequently) ropes me right in without fail Every.Single.Time. I visited a few of my friends and I noticed that they have these beautiful bathrooms and shelves of well-displayed bath and body wash just lined up, so I had to ask how in the hell did they get such a wide range and do they ever run out? (because my deals didn’t yield more than a couple lotions). People I was let into the secret world of money saving tricks and couponing for this brand (that I will now share with all of you). My shopping list suddenly got longer and my savings bigger, because let me tell you all right now, I will build a bathroom shelf ladder dedicated to my stash of soon to be acquired bath & body products (bathroom hacks).

So I started by first doing my exchanges if you will; I carried my 3 broken wall flower plugins to be replaced as well as take my unopened bath & body items to exchange for something else. NO HASSLE, none whatsoever; bada bing bada boom and I was out. My next plan was to check in with my junk mail and see what they have been sending to me that I missed or if I any that I could still use, email has been an overlooked source of savings (can’t falter on this ever again) I had some deals that were still open to me. Next, I explored the deals online that would give me the most savings and lo and behold it happens twice a year (January and June). These are the most favored times to restock and score discontinued scents at 75 -90% off! Why did I not know this before?

The cons of these sales (I discovered) though, sometimes the product has expired. Pay particular attention to the codes under the product packaging, the average shelf life is 3 years, so avoid these bad deals. Using your Victoria’s secret card at Bath & Body is all well and good, but you don’t get the points you know? That 75 % off sale we love, well those are first come first served and what’s online, may not be what’s in-store. So all in all, we have (a great) many pros and a few cons when shopping for our favorite body washes and lotions. Shop responsibly! 

14. Don’t throw out those coupons because they “expired” | bath & body wash

You can use those same coupons at the store to get your bath & body wash products and most times it coincides with an ongoing sale!

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