DIY Hooks Tricks To Keep Home Organized

I know a lot of people who love to live in big house with a lot of room and space. However when it

comes to me, I love to have a compact space. I don’t like to have the vacant space in my house that is of no use. The empty rooms trigger my anxiety which is why I always prefer living in small house. That being said, having a small house does not mean that I live in a one bedroom apartment. My house is big enough to cater all my needs. I live alone which is why I don’t need a lot of space any way.

You might be wondering how I manage to adjust in a small house. Well, I have learned few DIY tips and tricks on the way. I understand that every house should have good enough space to keep things organized. Every year I do seasonal cleaning and change a little bit of this and that in my apartment. I work on various DIY project ideas and then use them to utilize all the space in my house so that I do not have to worry about keeping my things organized. There are several cheap home DIY projects that I have done to keep everything organized in my house. One of the misconceptions about living in small house or apartment is that you don’t have much storage space which is true to some extent. However, the trick here is to learn some cleaning tips and tricks that will help you to come up with new ideas to organize your house. I have worked on enough storage DIY projects that I am a pro at them.

This year when I did my usual cleaning, I used some spring cleaning tips and tricks. By the time I was done with my storage DIY cleaning, I thought of sharing these cleaning tips and tricks with everyone. I am sure there are a lot of people like me who are living in a compact house and would love to learn few money saving tricks that can help them keep their house intact and organized in best possible way. There are some kitchen tips and tricks, DIY projects for bathrooms, DIY projects for the kitchen and some DIY projects for bedroom storage that I will share with you. All these cheap home DIY projects have one thing common that is adherent hooks.

14. DIY projects for the kitchen utensils:

I like to cook a lot which is why I have prefer to have my cooking utensils right in front of the counter all the time. To keep my shelf clean of my cooking utensils, I used the big adherent hooks and attached them to the counter wall. Now all I can hang my pots on them.

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