Man Shares Simple Trick, Shows How To Get Endless Hot Water Without Electricity

You know the zombie apocalypse might be just around the corner so I wanted to show you

guys how to fashion a water heater in the event you find yourself fending for yourself and family outdoors (I watch too much Walking Dead, smile). This easy diy is fueled using an outdoor fireplace, a stovepipe ( I will show you how to build one in my next tutorial), some hollow heated copper coils and a water tank. Now don’t be terrified by this task, it really can come in handy during power outages in the great big outdoors. I will show you how really easy it is to have a non-stop supply of heated water using the bare minimum and it’s just as satisfying as those diy electrical projects. So are you ready to get started? Great, let us begin. Almost everything you can get from the hardware store and it’s really very inexpensive. So I took some hollow copper and coiled them in such a way where I had to protruding ends that will house connections for water flow in and out. The copper coils will be the conductors used for heating the water (diy energy), so it’s a MUST have you know? Next, we will get some firewood for the stove pipe, because we need the fire to heat the coils that will be placed strategically inside of the stove pipe.

Okay, now it’s time to get our cold water redirected to an old water tank and the pipes connected to the stove, make sure that the check and shut off valves are sound and I would do all of this before lighting the stove btw, so your process should go in this order:

  • Copper coils placed into stove pipe
  • Water tank heater pipes connected to the coils inside of the stove pipe
  • Chopped firewood placed inside of the stove pipe and fire stoked (to blazing hot), have enough firewood since you want this to be a continuous effort

Please protect your hands and body, the water and the steam that comes out will be very hot (180 degrees), don’t even touch the water tank since that will also burn you very badly. I tested out how hot it was by removing the pipe from the tank (see picture) and there was no electricity pushing this water out, pure water pressure and it was so very hot that it melted a plastic bottle that I had placed in front of the spout. This diy science project is useful and a good piece of know-how knowledge to possess, (solar power and gas energy for what huh?) it only requires some caution because (yes, I will reiterate) you are dealing with water pressure and extremely hot water. I hope that this Youtube video has been helpful and you can use it when the time calls for some out of the box thinking!


10. This is a copper coil that will be integral for the water heater | diy smart home

I made this copper coil for the non-electric heater, it’s a real DIY smart home project!

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