She Hated Her Blinds So She Grabbed The Scissors And Started Cutting! What A Clever Transformation!

Every now and then I feel like my house needs my attention. Gone were days when I would hire 

an interior designer for literally every room of my house. Don’t get me wrong, I do not think there is anything wrong when it comes to hiring an interior designer for the house. I still do it for the most part. I one hundred percent trust them with my house. However, what has changed for me is that I have developed the habit of working on smart home ideas for the house and I am kind of addicted to this habit.

It all started when I visited my friend few months back. My best friend bought a new house and I heard that she took time off from work to actually work on interior designing of her house. I was very curious and tempted to checkout her house but she wanted everyone to see the big reveal of the creative home ideas all together. Naturally we respected her decision but the curiosity to check her dream home ideas was hard to handle. Finally when she was done working on the decorating home ideas, she invited all her friends to the house warming party. Mentally I was prepared to be impressed by her work but when I reached her house I was totally blown away by the amazing new home ideas that she had worked on. Majority of the interior designing of her house was done by her. There were several awesome home ideas that she had worked on and looked amazing. I was so impressed with her craft for home ideas, that I decided I should do one for my house as well. Ever since I have started working on the small renovation home ideas, I am unable to stop.

The first project that I did was about diy home ideas of changing my blinds. It was one of those lazy days when I had all the time in this world and for some reasons I started hating my living room blinds out of nowhere. I decided that instead of removing them I should look for some pinterest home ideas that can help me transform these blinds. Luckily, as I started searching for the diy home ideas design for pinterest, I found several options to go with. There were few things that I needed to follow the instructions. I did tweak the instructions as per my convenience. Following is the step by step guide of how to transform boring blinds into creative ones using craft for home ideas. 

9. Start with cutting | crafty home ideas:

Most of the crafty home ideas project involves with deconstructing first. For the diy home ideas I put my blinds flat on the floor. Once I had laid all blinds open on floor, the next thing I did is bring out a sharp scissor. Using my scissor I cut all the strings on the blinds.

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